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Tap Louder!

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Tap Louder!

A hot girl is at the gym practicing her gymnastics when a rude dude shows up and tells her she needs to leave because her time is up. The guy tells her that he and his partner have the space rented for wrestling.. but his partner is nowhere to be found. The hot girl challenges him to spar with her, which he accepts, but she quickly finds out this rude dude is a terrible fighter and can’t even hold his own against a girl.

Over and over again, this hottie gets the upper hand, making the dude succumb to her skill and powerful legs. with her deadly scissor holds and rear naked chokes this bikini wearing lady makes the over confident dude tap out over and over again… to which she gets annoyed and tells him he needs to “Tap Louder!”

Finally she decides this guy is so pathetic and useless as a sparing partner all he is really good for is kicking in the balls, so this is exactly what she does, and with great delight!

The dude has no class as while he is getting his balls kicked up his throat, he asks her out to dinner, for which she only laughs at him and tells him the only thing she will let him by her is a candy bar out of the vending machine, but not before she delivers more kicks and makes him play a ball kicking game of “try and figure out what is my favorite food… for every wrong answer you get a kick to your balls”. Well he never figures it out and he gets kicked repeatedly.

Finally after so much humiliation, she puts him on the floor for good and forces her dirty feet into his face, making him smell them before she walks out on him.

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Duration: 10 min


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