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Stuttering Balls

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Stuttering Balls

Scarlett has hired a contractor to finisher her entertainment room for an upcoming party this weekend… however when she goes to check on his progress she finds him fast asleep!

She wakes him up and demands an explanation…. however he stammers and stutters so much she can’t make any sense out of what he’s trying to say….

Disgusted at his laziness and lack of ability to communicate professionally, she hauls off and kicks him square in the balls!

…and to both of their surprise, he starts to talk normal!

Scarlett then wonders if she kicks him again whether he will start stuttering again…. so she takes aim and kicks his balls again… and to her amusement, he starts to stutter once more!

Scarlett indulges her sadistic side and plays with her new stuttering boy toy as she uses his balls as a stuttering off and on switch!

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Duration: 9 min


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