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Stomping & Crushing Testicles

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Stomping & Crushing Testicles

Bull Testicles are placed next to Man Testicles on the Testicle Trample Board, the Bare Feet of Fae Dcay stomp, crush and totally destroy two of the 4 testicles while inflicting a very disturbing stomp on the Man Balls.

This is an awesome clip, that places Man Balls juxtaposition of Bull Balls for a variety of angles, positions that allows you to compare and contrast what it looks like when a pair of balls are totally destroyed by the bare feet of a sexy girl…. you can actually hear squish and squash sounds as Fae crushes the Bull Balls under her feet as the inner testicle oozes out of the split open ruptured point of the testicle!

Fae got so use to stomping the Bull Balls with all of her force that when she changed over to stomping the Man Balls, she did not change her stomping force, so when she came down on Bryan’s balls, she came down so hard that Bryan screamed in absolute agony, we had to stop and wait a full 5 minutes before he was able to resume as Fae nearly ruptured his right testicle…. you will hear a scream from Bryan in this clip you have never heard before…. very gut wrenching!

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Duration: 10 min


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