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This is by far our most extreme video to date, in fact it is so extreme that it may not be here for long as the red stuff made an appearance about half way thru the shooting, so get it while you can!

In this crazy 10 minute video… one that will simply blow your mind and leave your balls quivering, two hot girls (Elizabeth Heart & Shirley Temple) team up with the intent to ruin Bryan’s manhood by using 5 needles to pierce his balls…. yes that’s right 5 needles and into the testicles, not just the skin! One extra long needle measuring 8 inches in length and 22 gauge in thickness is shoved straight thru both testicles, skewering them both making Bryan’s balls a literal Shish-Kabob, or rather Shish-Kaballs!

But that’s just the beginning, the girls have 4 more needles yet to stick into his balls! All the while Bryan is bound, restrained and has his face smothered by Elizabeth’s ass and pussy as he moans and screams while the needles pass thru his balls!

Once all the needles are resting securely inside and thru the testicles, Bryan is rewarded with a hand job, a hand job which the girls hope will lead to his last load of cum as they truly hope his balls we be totally destroyed by the time the needles of testicle deathh are done with him.

Bryan does indeed blow a large load all over Elizabeth’s sexy feet as she continues to smother him with her ass and pussy….. then as a final act of submission and humiliation, Elizabeth makes Bryan suck and lick his own cum off of her feet and toes!

Also, during the insertion of one of the needles you can see a large amount of raw testicle juice flowing from the needle….. his manhood is indeed being drained away in a most painful and destructive manner!

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Duration: 10 min


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