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Sexy Skewering – part 2 of 2

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Sexy Skewering – part 2 of 2

In part 1 we saw Veronica insert needles and skewers into and through Bryan’s bound helpless balls.

Now in part 2 Veronica injects both of his testicles with saline until they are both rock hard and under tremendous painful pressure!

…and with his balls full of saline, Veronica wants to see if the added pressure of the injections will cause his cum to shoot out with added force/pressure.

She is not disappointed as when he cums it’s a powerful wad of cum that hits her chin!

Once she has milked him of his high pressure cum, she then starts to remove all the needles… which is extra painful since he just gave up all his cum for her!

When she gets to the two extra long skewers, she decides to make it really hurt… she pulls them both out at the same time… like pulling two fencing swords out of a person who was just impaled twice!

Needless to say the testicles gave up a good deal of raw male reproductive fluid do to all the holes in his balls….

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Duration: 18 min


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