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Sensual Ballbusting

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Sensual Ballbusting

Olive has very long legs and just loves to kick men in the balls, she likes to break men in with a very sensual foot rubbing on a mans balls to lure them into her fetish while explaining to them that kicking balls makes her extremely wet and horny.

Olive finds a guy who she leads to think will have an opportunity to touch her tits and even maybe have sex with her, but he must endure all her kicks first…. every time he gets to the point of giving up Olive rubs her feet on his cock and balls in a very soft and sensual manner which gets the guy back into the game… in the end he tries to touch her tits, but every time he goes to grab them she rears her long legs back and kicks him square in his nut sack forcing him back to the ground.

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Duration: 8 min


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