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Scissor Busted

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Scissor Busted

Back when Tabitha was in school, she was made fun of by this Jerk of a guy who called her names and made her feel really bad about herself. Now 10 years later she has set up a date with him and plans to pay him back!

Tabitha also has her good friend Darling with her to help her control the Jerk and make sure he is unable to resist the hell he is about to experience.

Once he shows up, the two girls act as if he is going to get lucky with both of them, but as soon as they get his clothes off of him, Tabitha puts his neck a strong scissor hold between her powerful legs as Darling begins kicking, stomping and squeezing his helpless exposed balls.

The Jerk turns red, then purple and is doing everything he can to get out of this painful situation, but he struggles in vane as these girls have very powerful legs for both scissoring and kicking! And once the Jerk is knocked out, the girls take turn kicking and stomping his bare exposed balls!

When this Jerk wakes up his manhood is going to have severe permanent damage!

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Duration: 10 min


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