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Scarlett Devine & Jolene the Valkyrie vs Beau Ballistic

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Scarlett Devine & Jolene the Valkyrie vs Beau Ballistic

When you put together an Amazon goddess like Scarlett Devine and a vicious fighter like Jolene the Valkyrie up against a guy like Beau Ballistic…. get ready to see an absolutely brutal beatdown. This was suppose to be a competitive match, but poor Beau does not have a prayer, even though he tries his best to put up a fight it’s just a complete slaughter!

These girls were so brutal with him that they tore out his earring and made his ear bleeeed really bad…. what did they do… they went and got a tampon and put it in his ear hole to stop the bleeeding like a pussy on the rag! Absolutely brutal!!!

This was another custom request….. the gentleman who ordered this custom had the following to say about this video:

“For fans who think they know Scarlett Devine and Jolene the Valkyrie, watch this video and find out how wrong you are. This was a competitive match against Beau Ballistic, who most of the time is not allowed to go all out against his female opponents. This time he does, but gets destroyed like he does in any beatdown video. In fact, he might as well have lied down for this one, because it would have been less painful for him. Jolene viciously assaults him from the jump, with vicious leg scissors and head locks, attacking so quickly even Scarlett scarcely has time to get a piece of him. Within a span of a few minutes, Beau has tapped out 7 times, and it’s a 30 minute match. Jolene by herself would have mopped the floor with Beau, but you add Scarlett and this doesn’t resemble a wrestling so much as mugging. Beau fights back and aggressively goes for submissions, but it’s utterly futile against these 2 femizons. It’s ballbusting, wrestling holds, punches and kicks galore, all of which have Beau begging for mercy from start to finish. He gets none..”

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