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Nut Drain by Sarah

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Nut Drain by Sarah

Extreme ballbusting and CBT has caused¬†real testicle damage to Bryan, he has a hydrocele on his left nut that fills up whenever it receives extreme abuse…. and prior to this nut draining scene Sarah DiAvola had just tried to rupture Bryan’s balls by standing full weight on each ball which caused the hydrocele on his left nut to fill up!

Sarah of course wanted to stick a needle into his left nut to find out just how much damaged testicle fluid she caused. So she sticks a huge 18 gauge needle into the left nut to drain the fluid, making his nut venerable once again… and in the process everyone involved was astonished at the amount of fluid she caused his left nut to produce!

You can actually watch the sexual sadist personality come out of Sarah as she inserts the needle into the damaged nut…. and as the fluid pours out of the nut the excitement and astonishment in her eyes!

Sarah truly gets turned on by causing damage to testicles!

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Duration: 9 min


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