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New Job

Bryan has just started a new job at a real estate company and he thinks he is going to impress his new boss (Mika Tan) by dressing the way he thinks his new clients will identify. You see Bryan has been studding his new client list and discovered they are from the Northwest, so he figures if he dresses Grunge/Granola they will be more likely to feel comfortable with him representing their interest.

However when he shows up for work his boss is not impressed! She is beside herself and now thinks Bryan is really stupid. He tries to explain that he was simply doing what he learned in orientation about learning and becoming your client. Mika dumfounded, explains to Bryan that the orientation was speaking on mental terms not physical terms… get into your clients head… NOT THEIR FUCKING CLOTHES!

During the exchange Mika has to release her anger by kicking, grabbing and squeezing Bryan’s balls.

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Duration: 6 min


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