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Muscular Woman + Oil + Perverted Oil Boy = Busted Balls

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Muscular Woman + Oil + Perverted Oil Boy = Busted Balls

Brandi Mae has just finished with her workout and needs a relaxing oil massage. While she is flexing she notices a pervert staring at her, she tells him to get over here and make yourself useful. The pervert gets the oil out and begins to massage Brandi’s body, rubbing her huge muscles and oiling up her entire amazing body.

The Perverted Oil Boy is really stupid, instead of enjoy the privilege he has fell into and respecting this powerful woman, he disrespects her by trying to rub her pussy and touching her tits. Brandi warns him to stop or she will kick him in the balls, but the dumb Oil Boy does not heed her warning and keeps placing his hands in places that will get him hurt.

Finally, Brandi gets enough of the Perverted Oil Boy’s repeated attempts to touch her private areas and subjects him to a full range of ballbusting, trampling and foot domination which leaves the Oil Boy laid out on the floor holding his bright red balls in agonizing pain.

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Duration: 10 min


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