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Living Large Packing Small

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Living Large Packing Small

Beau is a short dude who likes to live large… he drives a big truck, owns a big house and brags about how much he spends on expensive merchandise.

Tonight he’s crowing around like a peacock trying to impress two ladies in the hope of scoring a 3-some!

However these two ladies want a man who’s package measures up to large living standards…. so they demand Beau get naked and show them his package…

When Beau is completely nude and his tinny dick is on full display, the girls laugh and make fun of his small package…. he tries to make excuses, but he is clearly humiliated…. he then runs to his Big Bathroom to try making his little dick big and hard, but when he comes back to show the ladies, they are not impressed…. in-fact they are getting angry with him for lying to them!

The ladies decide to take their disappointment out by busting his balls and making him pay for having a little penis!

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Duration: 13 min


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