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Lift & Carry Ballbusting

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Lift & Carry Ballbusting

Brandi Mae is a super sexy female body builder with huge muscles, a hard thick tight ass, powerful legs, massive arms and a solid core giving her the ability to not only carry a monkey man around on her back and atop her shoulders, but also kick a man in the balls all at the same time.

This clip is amazing! Brandi delivers powerful kicks to the pathetic balls of a man who is making fun of her as well as the monkey man on her back. Brandi and the monkey man make a bet with the rude man that she can drop him by kicking him in his balls while carrying the monkey man on her back and atop shoulders.

Then Brandi and the monkey man make the rude man strip down to his bare naked balls so she can really make him pay for his insolence. The crazy thing is the rude (and nude) man get’s ragging hard-on while she’s kicking him! Obviously he is turned on, so Brandi starts kicking him even harder with the monkey man on her back. In the end Brandi kicks the hard-on off into the testicle grave yard as the rude man goes down and stays down holding his bruised and busted balls.

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Duration: 13 min


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