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Learning French… (the hard way)

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Learning French… (the hard way)

Mutiny….ahhh the sexy French Canadian Dom from Quebec dishes out a severe ball beating on the Balldacious man. Kicks from every position, knees, ball punching, upper cuts to the nuts, ball smashing, slapping, making the Balldacious man learn to count in French for every kick to his balls, the sexy French accent, the attitude, the crazy look of animalistic pleasure from inflicting testicle pain, her mocking his pain… this is one hot clip from a very sexy girly who really enjoys making a man feel severe pain in his balls!

“By far, one of the best sessions I have ever had and the kind of girl you would gladly let rupture a nut!”
-Bryan Balldacious

We hope to be working with this testicle punisher again very soon!

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Duration: 9 min


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