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Kick Job & Forrced Cum Cleaning

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Kick Job & Forrced Cum Cleaning

Bryan is a pervert and is beating his meat totally naked in front of Sammie…. she tells him what a fucking perv he is, but Bryan (undeterred) tells Sammie that she could “help him out”. Bryan tells Sammie she should strip down naked and let him look at her and then shoot his load all over her feet. Sammie counters and says she will agree to that only if she can kick Bryan in the balls and that once he has shot his load all over feet, he must then lick clean her feet. Bryan laughs and agrees, but is not serious about licking the cum off her feet.

Sammie kicks Bryan in his balls as he masturbates…. after awhile Bryan blows his load all over Sammie’s sexy small feet. Sammie tells Bryan to clean her feet, but Bryan laughs and tells her that she was stupid to believe him and that she should lick her own feet clean.

Sammie calls for Goddess Olivia to handle the situation. Goddess Olivia comes in and Sammie tells her what happened…. Goddess Olivia (wasting no time) jumps in and grabs a full of balls, squeezes them hard (sending Bryan to the floor) and tells Bryan if he does not lick all the cum off of Sammie’s feet she will rupture both of his testicles and that will be the last load he will ever shoot!

Bryan scared for his balls and is made to do what he agreed to do, begrudging begins to lick and suck up all the cum he delivered to Sammie’s feet. Goddess Olivia holds onto Bryan’s balls very tight and commands him to suck Sammie’s toes clean of his nasty stick cum.

Once Sammie and Goddess Olivia are satisfied with the enforced cleaning both ladies step on Bryan, kick him and rub their feet in Bryan’s face before leaving him on the floor in pain.

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Duration: 5 min


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