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I’m Taking your Nuts Asshole!

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I’m Taking your Nuts Asshole!

Coco is very upset and angry at this asshole who treated her like a stupid girl last night and now she is all emotional and angry at this jerk.

When she confronts him, he talks to her like she is beneath him and tells her that everything he told her was true and that she is just a stupid girl.

The asshole guy tells Coco that he will give her $20 if she can put him on the ground. Coco in a raging fit goes kick crazy, kicking his balls, with her wild hair flying all over the place, she kicks and kicks his balls, but the guy just will not fall down. The asshole guy tells her how about $40, do you think your stupid weak ass can put me down for $40?

Coco is in such an emotional rage, she is at that point where a woman starts to cry but is also in such a rage any man in his right sense will get out of her way…. but not this stupid asshole, he keeps taunting her!

Coco tells him to take off all his clothes, once he is naked Coco get a hold of his balls and begins to squeeze, yelling at him “I’m Taking your Nuts Asshole!” As she squeezes the asshole goes down and oddly enough his voice seems to shrill and go high pitch….

Also included in this video is a minute of Full Force Naked Testicle Kicking, in the Jackass Style….. No joke it’s Coco Velvett’s Full Kicking Force at a pair of completely naked testicles!

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Duration: 9 min


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