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Honey can I Pop your Balls?

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Honey can I Pop your Balls?

Sarah is in bed next to her sleepy hubby confessing a secret fantasy of wanting to bust his balls. She shyly asks if he will let her bust him and then begs until he agrees. He agrees with some reservations, she then starts with a few love taps to his balls. She then gets into it a little more with a few kicks.

Sarah then confesses that she has always fantasized about popping his testicles and how awesome it would feel for her to completely pop his little nutties. She begins to cutely beg and plead until he gives in to her and agrees to let her destroy his nuts….. she gets very excited! She starts in again, asking him if she got ’em after each set of kicks and she occasionally feels around for herself to check to see if she popped them. She obsessively continues to talk about how horny and wet she is getting just from the thought of rupturing both of his balls and acting very innocent like it’s just what a good husband does for the girl he loves.

Sarah ask’s “It’s OK that I am popping your nuts, right?” “Are you OK, honey? Did I pop them, yet? “It’s gonna feel so exhilarating when I finally pop your nuts Just you wait.” “You are such an awesome husband for letting me scramble your eggs.” “Popping balls is a lot harder than I thought, but I’m not stopping until I get them both!”

About half way through she says she thinks she felt one pop and she checks to confirm and is very excited to find out she has indeed popped one of them. She celebrates and hugs her husband, dances around the room and jumps on the bed with excitement!

Sarah is so horny she continues to talk about how excited she is with comments like: “That was even better than I imagined!” “Ohhh, sweetie, are you OK? I still get to pop the other one right?” “OK, one ball down, one to go.” “Don’t worry honey, I will get that other one very soon!” “I can’t believe I get to pop 2 balls in one night!” “Thank you for agreeing to let me do this, this is a dream come true!” “Are you OK, sweetie? Should we stop or can I keep going?” “I was so afraid my fantasy would freak you out. I should have asked to pop you balls a long time ago.”

Then after a really hard kick Sarah says “I definitely felt your last ball pop with that one! Let me check!” She feels around to confirm and celebrates again dancing around the room. “I got it! I got it! I’m officially a Ballbuster!” She hugs her husband again and thanks him for letting her live out her fantasy promising him that tomorrow night you can do whatever you want to me. Now let’s go to bed!

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