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Her Powerful Legs are Ready

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Her Powerful Legs are Ready

Standing at 6’ 2” in her boots Scarlett has very long and powerful legs plus with long narrow size 11 feet this girl is built to destroy testicles!

She informs her soon to be victim (Bryan Balldacious) that her legs are hot and ready… ready to put Bryan’s testicles in a world of agony!

This is clip runs for over 14 minutes and includes some very hard nut cracking kicking, with close ups of the impact and enhanced sound to catch the boot/foot to groin contact smacking noise…. Scarlett goes from boots to nylon feet in this clip and from fully clothed to barring her very large juicy tits…. at one point Bryan grabs her tits but this then results in two very powerful kicks that put him down for good!

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Duration: 14 min


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