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Girls Only!

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Girls Only!

Little Scarlet is excited about playing with a new neighborhood girl who just moved in across the street. Her mom arranged a play date and today Scarlet gets to play with Becky.

…however when Becky shows up to play, Scarlet is startled to see a man dressed as a little girl. Scarlet calls Becky out as a big boy man and demands that he admit to not being a girl. Becky insists that she is a girl and that all she wants to do is play girly games with Scarlet.

Scarlet lifts up Becky’s dress, pulls off his panties and exposes his cock and balls… Scarlet tells him, these are boy parts! Becky argues back, telling Scarlet they are girl parts!

Determined to prove that Becky is a boy she takes him to her dad’s doctors office to examine, torture and play doctor with his balls and if Becky really want to be a girl, then the Doctor play will turn into a real testicle destruction with a ball smashing device, testicle injections of a fluid into each testicle, plus 24 skewers and 28 needles that will really make Becky a girl!


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Duration: 34 min


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