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Full Weight Testicle Standing 2

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Full Weight Testicle Standing 2


Holly Hax who weighs in at 110 pounds (49.90 kg) attempts to find out if Bryan’s Testicles can support her full weight! She wants to POP his Balls! Will his Testicles be able to withstand her full weight or is she heavy enough to Rupture his Testicles? Find out!

This is a REAL FREE STANDING FULL WEIGHT TESTICLE STANDING, we pull the camera all the back so you can clearly see that she is not holding on to anything as she places all of weight onto a single foot which is standing directly on top of Bryan’s Testicles!!!

Watch as Bryan’s Testicles Flatten out under the Crushing Pressure of Holly’s Full Weight applied directly from her sexy little size 6 1/2 sized feet (US size) to his close to Rupturing Balls!

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Duration: 5 min


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