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Fishing Trip Gone Bad

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Fishing Trip Gone Bad

These two guys are talking about what they want to go do, one of them wants to take it easy and go fishing, the other is talking about picking up chicks, clubbing or going out to eat. However, all of this is thrown out when Rapture shows up in a hot sexy outfit. She has a plan for what she wants to do with them…. and it has nothing to do with clubbing, going out to eat or fishing.

Rapture wants to play a ballbusting game mixed with lift & carry. Rapture waste’s little time as she pulls the fisherman up from the couch and kicks him in the balls, soon Rapture takes full control of the situation and the guys are doing as she tells them.

Rapture’s long legs allow her to deliver powerful kicks even with a monkey on her back. Outstanding kicking ability, loud thunderous kicks and a firm command and control of the men as she uses them to fulfill all her devilish desires.

In the end Rapture delivers a really hard kick putting the fisherman down for good as she throws the monkey off her back. She flex’s her sexy arm and ass muscles showing you the viewer what it really means to be “Raptured”.

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Duration: 7 min


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