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Females Destroying Testicles – Part 3 of 3

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Females Destroying Testicles – Part 3 of 3

Once the girls have all the needles and skewers firmly implanted into Bryan’s testicles, they decide to be very, very mean! They take a vibrator to each needle and vibrate the tops of the needles which in turn transmit the vibrations down into the center of the testicles! Hell Mistress Claire even uses the vibrator as a hammer to drive the needles deeper into his testicles!

And if that was not enough….this female directed video gets shocking! These women electrocute the balls with the hope that the electric current will fry the balls from the inside out thereby completely destroying the testicles!

By the time they get around to removing the needles from his balls (some of which have been in the balls for over an hour!), it becomes a very painful, bloooody and juicy process especially for the needles that required lots of force to drive them into and through the testicle! These poor balls spray sperm as the needles are removed, in essence the life of Bryan’s balls are spraying and oozing out as the needles are removed!

Once all the needles are out the balls look totally destroyed….  the girls are enamored with their work and take several moments to admire their emasculating efforts… they even make a “ball print” of the bloooody balls before talking about their experiences.

Bryan looks exhausted and delirious, but the girls are happy and laughing at the destruction they have caused to his reproductive organs!

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