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Female Fighter Training …that’s on a Budget

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Female Fighter Training …that’s on a Budget

Coco wants to become a professional fighter, but she doesn’t have the money for a gym membership or the funds to pay for a trainer, so she comes up with a creative solution…. she finds a ball bitch, ties him up and then uses his balls to train on. She punches his balls over and over, uses them as a speed bag and kicks them. The only problem is the ball bitch is making way too much noise and Coco has neighbors so she doesn’t want her ball bitch to disturb the peace, to solve this problem she stuffs his sock in his mouth and wraps packing tape around his head to hold the sock in his mouth…. this give her another idea, why not put tape on his ball sack and rip it off?

Coco continues her training with the ball bitch moaning in agony. In the end Coco is mad at her ball bitch because his balls are not hanging down low enough for her boxing needs, she tries to stretch them out, but they keep retracting. Finally Coco is disgusted with the ball bitch and delivers a few elbows to his balls before finally knocking him out KO!

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Duration: 5 min


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