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Fantasy Ball Skewering

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Fantasy Ball Skewering

Refereed by Tessa von Kix….. Miss Tiffany & Jolene the Valkyrie compete for how many needles they will be skewering through Bryan’s poor balls! In addition they also compete to see how many milliliters of saline they will inject into his skewered balls!

After the competition is over and the number of needles have been determined, the girls eagerly drive needle after needle into and through Bryan’s balls!

Once all the needles are firmly in place, the girls pump his balls full of saline, which with all the needles in place creates such pain that you can feel it from Bryan as he screams and makes the kind of faces’ only seen by men in dire pain!!! This was no act!

The scene ends with the girls pulling out the needles and of course watching the balls squirt out their life!

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Duration: 18 min


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