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East Coast Girl

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East Coast Girl

Another installment of Beatdown week….. East Coast Brat Girl Sarah DiAvola meets Bryan Balldacious…… it is a showdown to see how much ballbusting it will take this east coast girl to take down the ballbusting man from Las Vegas.

Sarah starts in with bare foot kicks, knees, punching & running kicks but Bryan is still standing, which is piissing her off! So she puts on her high heels and soon Bryan is on his knees, but she does not let up, she keeps kicking his balls while he is down yelling at him “TAKE IT, TAKE IT” as she is quite mad that he stayed standing so long and made her feet hurt, she holds him up by his head so he does not fall into the fetal position, allowing her to deliver more high heel kicks to make him pay for his insolence to her bare feet!

This is a really great ballbusting battle of endurance, ego, determination and revenge!

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Duration: 7 min


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