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Draining the Fat Nut

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Draining the Fat Nut

Tessa von Kix the BB Wife drains Bryan’s Fat Nut of Hydrocele fluid as a result of the permanent testicle damage he has endured to his left nut due to all his Ballbusting and CBT videos.

Tessa is the real deal guys, she gets off on the steady testicle damage and loves to drain the nut juice onto her tits! She explains in this video the medical cause, ongoing problems and temporary solution of draining the nut once a week. She even elaborates on the color of the fluid (which is normally clear) being red as a result of the recent testicle skewering video and how red nut juice lets her know she is doing a good job of destroying his balls!

After the nut is drained, Tessa waste no time as she places a hard punch to his balls as if to say Game On lets make the right one like the left one!

Read Tessa’s Blog on this scene to learn more!

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