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Detention Failure

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Detention Failure

Miss Tiffany is in Detention, she is informed by the Teacher that she is not allowed to use her phone, however she just ignores him!

After repeated warnings, the Teacher gets up and takes the phone away from her, she reacts by slightly kicking him in the nuts, as if to warn him of what will happen if he does not give her the phone back… however the teacher tells her that she is on very shaky grounds and could be suspended for assaulting a Teacher….. he takes her phone and places it in his desk drawer.

Miss Tiffany does not back down, she gets up and puts her high heels to good use, nailing him hard in the balls!

While the Teacher is recovering, Miss Tiffany gets her phone from the desk drawer and finds a pair of handcuffs in the drawer as well.

The Teacher claims to not know anything about where the handcuffs came from, but Miss Tiffany knows just how she will use them!

With the Teacher in handcuffs and at her mercy, Miss Tiffany indulges her sadistic side by busting his balls and making threats she will use the paper cutter to slice off his balls!

…and like the Teacher, his efforts to make Miss Tiffany follow the rules of Detention is nothing short of an abject failure!

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