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Dawg Days of Summer Ballbusting Competition

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Dawg Days of Summer Ballbusting Competition

It’s hot outside this summer and the balls are hanging low, what a great time to have a ballbusting competition!

This clip features a new Ball Kicker and all around new to the porn/fetish, video/clip world…. Tessa von Kix, who has a love of balls, testicles, nuts, you name it… she loves those bits between a mans legs, so she was more than willing to take part in this mid summer competition.

Tessa teams up with Miss Tiffany to see who can bring a man down with as few kicks as possible. These girls are competitive and “aim” to win!

On the testicle side we have the veteran KidDynamite, new comers Desert Ghoul and Bryan Balldacious who are competing with each other to see who can take the most kicks….. so with the girls competing for a low score and the guys competing for a high score this game should be very interesting!

In the second half of the competition the girls sum up who won the first round and proceed on to round two to determine who will win the competition.

The first round saw the scores between the girls to be very close and also close between KidDynamite and Bryan, Desert on the other hand has proven to be a complete looser who’s balls as so sensitive that after just one kick from Tessa he went down! Now in round two Desert will have to endure even more kicks if he is to stand a chance of winning.

Once round two is over and the winners are determined, the winning girl will face off with the winning guy who has to take 10 kicks in a very vulnerable position chosen by the girls if he is to become the grand winner.

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