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Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement

The community HOA Code Enforcement Officer stops by to cite code violations to Amber Berlin. The mini tyrant thinks he is going to fine her for her violations, however after the officer does not take her suggestion to come back tomorrow she formulates a plan to carry out her own form of code enforcement.

Amber plans to render the HOA Officer very compliant by slipping extra strength muscle relaxant into his drinking water, which doesn’t cause him to loose consciousness (as Amber want him to be wide awake for the pain she is about to give him) but simply makes his muscles so relaxed he is like jello and easily controlled.

After “Brick” (The HOA mini tyrant) has become very relaxed, Amber takes him into her special room where she makes fun of his job, humiliates him and begins kicking him in the balls. In addition, Amber takes his clipboard and begins kicking him in the balls for each violation he gave her for not being in compliance with the HOA Code.

After numerous kicks to “Brick’s” balls, Amber decides she needs a better angle from which to kick the mini tyrant’s balls, she pulls out a mini step ladder which gives her a very precise angel to deliver hard accurate kicks to his balls. Amber kicks so many times and so hard that his ball sack looks like a bright red cherry! In the end Amber stomps on his bright red balls for maximum pain!

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