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Castration Therapy

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Castration Therapy

Tessa is involved in a polyamorous relationship with two men who she dearly loves. However the two men hate each other and each is tired of sharing Tessa with the other. As a result the two men fight and bicker all the time.

One evening the two men are fighting at the dinner table and Tessa decides it’s time to nip this problem in the balls as she loves them both and does not want to live without either of them, but can no longer deal with the constant fighting and name calling.

Tessa takes her two men to see a therapist who (unbeknownst to the two men) specializes in castrations for out of control men.

The therapist (Dr. Devi) and Tessa talk the two men into placing blindfolds over their eyes to begin the therapy. The two men argue and bicker and are just annoyed about the whole situation while still making verbal jabs at each other.

While blindfolded Tessa and the castration therapist walk the two men back to the medical dungeon where their balls are properly secured to a table and their hands are bound and suspended overhead.

Once the blindfolds are off, the two men are shocked at what they see and think it may be some kind of strange blow job Device.

However all the happy ending assumptions are quickly blown away when Dr. Devi brings her ball crusher and hammers to the table and begins to explain to Tessa the various methods of castrating a man.

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Duration: 17 min


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