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Castration Revenge

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Castration Revenge

Nikki has been home cleaning the house all day and noticed the money she and her husband (Bryan) had been saving for a new home was gone, so she has been franticly trying to get ahold of her husband all day, who has not been returning her calls or text messages.

Bryan finally comes home and is verbally assaulted by Nikki for not returning her repeated attempts to reach him and wants to know what happened to all the money they had been saving to put down on a new home.

Bryan fires back at Nikki and tells her his phone simply was not working and that he took the money to invest in a mutual fund.

The situation deteriorates into a loud argument and calling each other nasty names. Finally Bryan walks off calling Nikki a “fucking bitch”. Nikki is so angry at Bryan for ignoring her all day, taking all their money and placing in an investment she knows full well is foolish, not asking her about it first and now for calling her a fucking bitch; Nikki plots her revenge that will leave Bryan her fucking bitch for the rest of his life.

This is a very hot clip! The first half is the dramatic setup (non-nude) that then builds into seduction, restraints and then rockets into the revenge (assault) and climaxes at the end where Nikki pops both of Bryan’s balls with her bare hands (Nikki’s strong arms and muscles are flexed and veins popping out as she exerts the necessary force to pop those fucking balls) leaving Bryan her fucking Eunuch bitch for life.

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Duration: 10 min


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