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Castration is the Cure

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Castration is the Cure

Bryan goes in to see the doctor about the sharp testicle pain he has been experiencing… (gee I wonder why).

In order to determine the root cause, his doctor places his balls in a BloodPressure cuff and pumps it up to see what his ball pressure is running, she then listens to his balls with a stethoscope. Not yet satisfied, she decides to check his ball reflexes by binding his balls and hitting them with a rubber mallet!

The doctor, then checks his penis for blockage, she does this by running two sounds up and down his urethra. Now by this point she is pretty sure he simple has a case of Blue Balls…. so she jerks him off to see if a release of cum will make his balls feel better.

After he blows his load, she can tell he is feeling much better, however upon double checking his chart, she finds that his balls are so big, that they simply produce too much cum, which results in a near constant pain… the only sensible solution is to castrate him and relieved him of his troublesome balls…..

It’s just better for everyone if castrations were routine and prescribed for the vast majority of men!

Castration IS the Cure!!!

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Duration: 13 min


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