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Carrot Stealing Looser gets his balls kicked

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Carrot Stealing Looser gets his balls kicked

Kylie enjoys growing fresh vegetables in her garden, but someone has been sneaking into her garden and stealing her carrots. Kylie finally catches him one morning fast asleep with a carrot in his mouth.Kylie puts him in handcuffs and draws him down to her dungeon with the promise of more fresh produce. The looser does what she tells him as he will do anything to get a fresh carrot. However once Kylie has him bound and gaged, she begins kicking him in the balls and punching him in the stomach for eating her fresh produce.

Kylie kicks and punches the carrot stealing looser and makes him agree to get his carrots down at the farmers market, the looser tells her he will stop stealing her carrots, however Kylie just does not believe him and continues to kick his balls while only wearing boxers. Finally Kylie takes the carrot she caught him with and rams it down his throat and tells him he must like sucking cock.

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Duration: 6 min


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