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Bryan Nut Hang – part 2 of 3

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Bryan Nut Hang – part 2 of 3


For part 2 of this Testicle Skewering by Goddess Anat, Goddess inserts more needles and skewers than was in the original Roy Nut Hang video simply because there are more needles and the needles need to be put into man balls.

However once all the needles and skewers are inserted, Anat wants to make sure Bryan’s balls are not too cold, so she pulls out her lighter to heat the skewers! Roasted Testicles may be on the menu for Goddess tonight….

Finally in this part 2 video, Goddess begins to remove a few of the needles and upon removing the first needle she almost gets a shower as the right testicle spews forth a stream of ball juice!

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Duration: 10 min


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