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Bath Time Ballbusting

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Bath Time Ballbusting

Bryan was suppose to be making a hot bath for his mistress, but being lazy and not too bright, he falls asleep next to the bath tub. When his mistress finds him snoozing she yells at him and make him stand up so that she can punish him for his stupidity.

His mistress even calls in another girl to assist her in kicking Bryan’s balls.

After they are satisfied his balls are aching enough they leave and tell him he had better have the bath ready when they get back.

When the two girls return, Bryan has just started the bath water and on top of that the water is not hot, is just slightly warm, he is even tasting the water like some sort of idiot, telling his mistress that the water tastes good….. This pisses off Bryan’s mistress to no end! She demands that he stand up! Once standing the two girls go all out kicking, kneeing and stomping Bryan’s balls until he is not able to get back up.

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Duration: 6 min


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