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Ballbusting Tease

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Ballbusting Tease

Beau hires an attractive lingerie wearing house maid to take care of his house so that he can get his rocks off by starring at her while she works.

Today the maid is folding the laundry, but when Beau enters the room, he decides he will tell her to look for a lost piece of laundry behind the couch so that he can watch her struggle to pull out the couch and bend over to see her fine ass.

The maid is no dummy, she knows what he is doing, so she decides to turn his piggish behavior to her advantage by making a special deal with him….. a deal that ultimately turns into a Ballbusting Tease….. which will leave Beau on the floor in total pain with blue balls and the maid… well she actually gets off on busting balls, so with every kick and knee she gives Beau the wetter her pussy gets!

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Duration: 14 min


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