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Ballbusting Science with Jolene the Valkyrie

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Ballbusting Science with Jolene the Valkyrie

My third installment of “Ballbusting Science” where I attempt to measure the ability of a woman to really fuck up a pair of Testicles by kicking them as hard (and as accurately) as she can. I continue to refine and improve upon the measurements and methods to try and make a real “scientific” assessment on Ballbusting.

For this third installment, I’ve added a kicking accuracy test, as well as how flexible the girls legs are by doing two types of splits and finally in addition to kicking barefoot, I’ve added kicking with shoes on, which makes a huge difference in the amount of power a girl is willing to put into her kicks as the shoes takes away any concerns of hurting her feet.

As I’ve stated previously, I understand that measuring such a thing as Ballbusting is fraught with complications and variables that are hard to repeat, but with that said I figure given the same measurements, the same activities and in most cases the same pair of balls, we should be able to draw some basic conclusions and come up with a rough idea as to what makes one woman a literal “Ball Buster” (as in has the ability to rupture your balls with a single full force kick) as to a woman who is more likely to just make your balls sore for a few days.

In this assessment we welcome Jolene the Valkyrie (aka Jolene Hexx)….

Jolene is not your typical girl, she’s a real fighter! She is skilled in Krav-Maga self defense fighting techniques which focus on striking the soft tissue areas of the body such as the eyes, throat, liver and testicles. She has won many MMA style fights, wrestling and has kicked many, many men in the balls! Jolene is in an elite Ballbusting class to say the least!

Jolene weighs in at 136 pounds, 5′ 7″ tall, 14″ calves, 20-1/2″ thighs, 38-1/8″ gluts, she has size 8 feet, she can leg lift with her right leg alone 140 pounds, leg push 105 pounds, do both forms of the splits at 172º, she can kick vertically up to 6′ 7″ which is a full 12″ above her standing height! She scored a 5 out of 6 hits on her kicking accuracy test and on top of all of this, Jolene is very competitive and gets quite excited at the thought of bringing a man down by busting his balls!

As is obvious to anyone who has followed Jolene over the years, Jolene is very competitive, she is quite scrappy when in a fight and does not like to loose! Her Ballbusting power, accuracy and skills (combined) are as high as anyone I’ve ever worked with and it is my honest opinion that Jolene is very capable of rupturing a testicle with a single full force well placed kick to a mans balls!

Further, should Jolene continue to work on her flexibility, thigh and glute muscles (all of which contribute directly to the amount of force exerted on the balls), I would not be surprised if she could become so dangerous  that her kicks would pop both balls in a single kick!

No acting or fake ball pain in this scene, it’s full force kicking and real reactions from me, Bryan Balldacious. Now please keep in mind when I’m in real pain I naturally tend to laugh off the pain, it’s just the way I’m built… (just saying because I know some of you guys really hate it when a guy laughs in a Ballbusting video, but this is not fake, so…) I do have a high degree of ball pain tolerance, and just because I may not go down, I’m quite certain 95% or more men would with a full force kick from Jolene…. so if I go down you know she’s really connected a solid powerful kick to one or both of my balls. And in this video she keeps hitting my left nut!

After we establish her measurements, kicking leg lifting weight max, kicking height, kicking accuracy, flexibility we do two phases of full force kicks: jeans, and then a pair of underwear that really exposes the balls. Unfortunately, Jolene is no longer working with nude balls, so we had to remove that portion from the test. However starting here with Jolene we are now doing for each phase a barefoot and a shoe kicking test. Which actually adds many more kicks to the video… and being that it’s Jolene, she always gets in more kicks than what the test calls for… you just got to love the way Jolene cheats!

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d classify Jolene’s kicks as an 8 out of 10 in power, and her accuracy at a 9 out of 10.

Plus as a bonus there is a lengthy post test Ballbusting segment attached to the end of this video where Jolene (wearing shoes) really attempts to rupture my balls with her full force kicks as a “Final Kick”!

She’s so excited at one point she is jumping up and down…. yes literally!

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