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Ballbusting Science with Abby Paradise

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Ballbusting Science with Abby Paradise

My second installment of “Ballbusting Science” where I attempt to measure the ability of a woman to really fuck up a pair of Testicles by kicking them as hard as she can. I continue to refine and improve upon the measurements and methods to try and make a “scientific” assessment on Ballbusting.

Now before you armchair experts start criticizing, let me just say I understand that measuring such a thing is fraught with complications and variables that are hard to repeat, but with that said I figure given the same measurements, the same activities and the same pair of balls, we should be able to draw some basic conclusions and come up with a rough idea as to what makes one woman a literal “Ball Buster” (as in has the ability to rupture your balls with a full force kick) as to a woman who is more likely to just make your balls sore for a few days.

In this assessment we welcome Abby Paradise….

Abby is your “Girl Next Door” type who weighs in at 132 pounds (58.87 kg) and 5′ 7″ (170 cm) tall. She loves to have fun and that includes watching you crumble to the floor holding your nuts after kicking your baby makers as hard as she can!

Abby has lots of spunk and free flowing female energy that will leave your balls bruised and swollen. However she lacks the leg muscles to deliver a trully ball popping kick…. that said her accuracy is spot on! I don’t think Abby in her current form could pop a nut, but if she were to take up weight training and build her leg muscles I think she could easily be a real threat to testicles everywhere.

Further, if Abby were more flexiable and able to perform jump or snap kicks she could deliver more striking power which in the absence of muscular legs could also pop a nut… in the end it’s all about the striking force, be it from muscles or flexiable gymnastic jump kicks, the results would be the same… ruptured testicles!

No acting or fake ball pain in this scene, it’s full force kicking and real reactions from Tituninuts. Now please keep in mind Tituninuts & I do this a lot and have a high degree of ball pain tolerance, so if he or I go down you know she’s really connected a solid powerful kick to one or both balls.

After we establish her measurements, kicking leg lifting weight max, and kicking height we do three phases of full force kicks: jeans, boxers, and finally nude balls to test not only her ability to connect her foot to the testicles, but also show how jeans and such add protection to the balls.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d classify Abby’s kicks as a 5 out of 10 in power, but accuracy at a 10 out of 10.

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