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Ballbusting Competition – Cerina Duke

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Ballbusting Competition – Cerina Duke

We opened the summer with a Ballbusting Competition and now it’s time to close the Summer with another Competition of the Balls….. Beau won the the last competition, so he is defending against the runner up Bryan and new comer Bill Bawls.

The Ballbuster is Cerina Duke. And to make this a truly hard and powerful ballbusting competition, Cerina is wearing shin and foot guards so that she can deliver very hard and full force kicks for the entire length of the competition!

Cerina does not disappoint, she goes all out by delivering Full Force Kicks, not holding anything back! And at the end once the last man is standing she rewards him with a full volley of Knees and Kicks until his balls finally give out form the sheer force and quantity of powerful kicks!

This is a very long Ballbusting Competition 16 minutes! These guys were really trying hard to win!

And as an extra bonus, this video is packed with slow motion and triple takes of the most powerful and devastating kicks!

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Duration: 16 min


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