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Ballbusting Auditions – Scarlett Devine

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Ballbusting Auditions – Scarlett Devine

We told Scarlett we wanted her to Audition her Ballbusting Skills, but she just laughed at us and said she had no need to “Audition any such Skill”! However since we had a fan boy on set she was more than happy to Audition his “Balls”!

But after just a few kicks it was obvious that the fan boy “Bobby Bawlsqueezer” was a total light weight and could not even take a kick that was only 10% of the power Scarlett could deliver….. so she called on Bryan to provide the Testicular Fortitude to demonstrate to Bobby what is required!

…and from this point on Scarlett has 4 balls for which she “Auditions” to see how much they can take!

There is some behind the scenes, off the cuff moments we left in this video to show you how frustrated Scarlett gets with Booby’s inability to take even mild ball abuse… what a looser!

Slow motion, strike zoom and double takes of the best foot and knee contact to the balls also included!


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Duration: 21 min


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