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Ballbusting Auditions – Miss Pandora

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Ballbusting Auditions – Miss Pandora

Miss Pandora shows off her Ballbusting and CBT skills in this lengthy audition (21 minutes)!

Miss Pandora makes some really powerful and accurate connections with her hands and feet to Bryan’s ball, some were so hard and accurate you can easily see all the factors lining up and the laws of physics working in her favor and against the testicles… as Miss Pandora is a short (5′ 2″ / 157.48 cm) and with her short size she can strike the testicles of a much taller man in very unpredictable, but debilitating ways! It’s very interesting and erotic to see such a short woman take down a much bigger and taller man!

….And yes, we slowed down the best kicks, knees and punches for your viewing pleasure! Triple & Double takes as well!

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Duration: 21 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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