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Ballbusting Auditions – Austin Lynn

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Ballbusting Auditions – Austin Lynn


This girl does not hold back, she kicks, knees and punches with such power that Bryan was really scarred she was going to rupture his balls. Especially his right ball…. this girl is left handed, so left footed as well…. thus her powerful kicks kept hitting Bryan’s right nut so often and so hard that he was on the floor in pain way more than practically any other Ballbusting girl we have Auditioned here at Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’!

Austin is the real deal, a natural Ballbuster with such powerful kicks you will wish you didn’t have testicles!

Austin is also skilled in Muay Thai and you can clearly see her snap her kicks at the Testicles for very effective results!

This is a must have clip! No joke! You’re going to fall in love with Austin and be happy when she ruptures your balls!

Plenty of slow motion and triple takes of the most powerful and damaging kicks included in this video!

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Duration: 15 min


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