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Ballbusting Auditions – Athena Pleasures

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Ballbusting Auditions – Athena Pleasures

Athena Pleasures with her Ginormous Tits and Amazon Stature makes her debut Ballbusting Audition here at Ballbustin’ & Foot Lovin’!

When we booked Athena for this shoot, we knew she had massive tits but we had no idea she was an Amazon! And in her sexy stripper boots she stands 6′ 4″! Easily making Bryan look small by comparison! And like all Amazons, Athena has leverage on her side which means she can deliver a kick or a knee with a power level average sized girls just can’t match!

Watch Athena make Bryan (who is 6′) look like a little boy as she towers over him and plows her powerful knees and stripper boots into his poor manhood. OOOUCH!

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Duration: 15 min


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