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Ball Pumping

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Ball Pumping

Tessa von Kix is absolutely brilliant in this first ever Ball Pumping video produced here at Ballbustin’ & Footlovin’!

Tessa takes a huge vacuum chamber, places Bryan’s cock and balls inside, then she pumps about 33% of the atmosphere out of the chamber creating an environment inside the chamber that causes the cock and balls to swell, and expand!

…she makes Bryan leave it on for a full hour! By the time an hour has passed, what once looked like a normal man package has become so swollen and plump you would think you were looking at a package that belonged to a Bull not a man!

These balls are as big if not bigger than Tessa’s DD sized tits! (she compares them at one point in this video).

A delicious side effect of the intense pumping is that the balls are extra tender and extra sensitive…. as the testicles themselves have grown, stretching out the testicular membrane, causing the membrane wall to stretch and become thin, thus the testicle meat has even less protection and is all but exposed and very prone to rupture!

But being the devious and sexual woman that she is, Tessa flutter kicks these fragile testis, punches them, and yes she even squeezes them causing Bryan to moan and squeal in pain…. but all she does is give out evil laugh after evil laugh! VAHAHAHAHA!

This video is very interactive and POV like in nature, Tessa talks to you, asks you questions, draws your attention to the damaged balls and points out how the vacuum chamber has created welts, blisters and oozing in the damaged areas from the last needling and skewering he received from Miss Tiffany.

Slow motion of the flutter kicks and punching are also included in this video…. we’ve never seen so much jiggling and dick slapping the balls as in this videos slow motion parts!


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Duration: 19 min


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