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Ball Doctor

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Ball Doctor

Cerrid wants to be a Ball Doctor and she wants you to do your part to educate her on how much it takes to totally destroy a testicle.

She wants you to give her your left testicle, cut your sack open and leave the cords connecting your left nut to your body intact while she experiments to see what various forms of punishment it takes for your nut to reach structural failure and break open, spilling their inner Efferent Ductules and Seminiferous Tubules all over the table.

Once she has discovered your balls breaking point, she will then begin cutting on you nut and tearing it apart with her bare hands…. and then she will have you bend over and use your teeth to sever your cords connecting your totally destroyed testicle to your body.

Finally she will throw what is left of your left nut into a simmering hot skillet and fry your worthless ball, which she will then force you to eat.

Once done, Cerrid informs you that next week after your empty left sack has healed up, she will repeat this experiment with your right testicle, and then you will be her Eunice Bitch Slave forever!

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Duration: 11 min


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