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At Her Mercy

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At Her Mercy

Lyndsey has Bryan completely wrapped in plastic cling wrap, his hands in handcuffed and bound overhead with his balls helplessly exposed and At Her Mercy!

This is a predicament which Bryan can not escape or do anything to stop Lyndsey form doing whatever she wants…. except scream, moan and yell… which he does so much that Lyndsey gets sick of hearing him and tapes his mouth shut.

With the freedom to do whatever she want to do to Bryan’s poor exposed balls she kicks, knees, punches and squeezes the shittt out of his balls to the point Bryan is gasping for air and begging for mercy. This girl loves to squeeze balls and squeeze them as hard as she possibly can with no care at all for how much pain she is causing… in fact she wants the balls to rupture in her hands!

You can just see the evil look in her eyes as she mercilessly squeezes those swollen balls…. evilly delicious!

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Duration: 8 min


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