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An Interview with Sybil Hawthorne

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An Interview with Sybil Hawthorne

Big Breasted Sybil Hawthorne was kind enough to grace us with her beautiful big natural tits and give us a fully nude interview.

It was really hard to stay focused on the interview questions with those big titty’s staring right us…. but we managed to get thru the interview and learned a great deal about this hot little thing!

Sybil is a professional Switch who loves hands on BDSM activities with those who enjoy pain. She tells us that she can take anything that she dishes out…. and after the scenes we shot with her we found out just how earnest she was in that statement!

Sybil has done full weight suspension from her tits and her hair! She tells us that whenever someone tells her she can’t do something she will go do it just to prove that she can! Sybil is extremely competitive and loves to push the limits.

Sybil is no stranger to CBT or Ballbusting either, as she explains everything she has done to a man’s most prized parts, she smiles and tells us she finds such abuse to be a huge turn on! Sybil even goes into her thoughts on castration and how the act of a man giving his balls to a woman would be a big gift and knowing someone would be willing to make that kind of sacrifice for her would be a huge turn on!

At the end of the interview she is so excited she spreads her legs apart and tells us she is ready to get going with a seductive laugh and smile….. ah, what a sensual and naughty, pain driven girl!

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Duration: 11 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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