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An Interview with Scarlet Starlet

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An Interview with Scarlet Starlet

Dominatrix Scarlet Starlet joins in on the conversation with shocking honesty and frank discussion about her life as a Dominatrix and her love for Fetish.

Scarlet tells us she loves to bust balls and gets wet when she hears a boy scream from the pain she is causing his balls! She tells us that one of her fantasies is to tie a guy down so that he can’t move and that his balls are firmly restrained and vulnerable on a flat wooden chair, then she would take a wooden baseball bat and beat his balls until they were mush!

Scarlet even tells us she wants to castrate a man… this is no joke guys! She really wants to remove your testicles and the more guys she can deprive of their balls the better! Scarlet seems to be very fascinated with testicles in general as she tells us that she has some medical experience and gets extremely turned on by medical fetish and the idea of Castration! Scarlet cautions however that she is for real and will happily remove a guys testicles, but in her experience so many guys she has met only fantasize about it and will not go through with it once the time has come….. so she is looking for guys who will not chicken out when it’s time to SNIP, SNIP your balls!

This is just such an awesome interview in so many ways… in addition to all the Ballbusting, CBT and Castration talk, Scarlet covers a wide range of other fetishes, stories from her school days, Dominatrix stories, how she is very nympho oriented and sexual…. hell we even her her to release her massive tits and jump on a trampoline! Defiantly in the top 5 of all the interviews we have done!

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Duration: 23 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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