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An Interview with Mistress Eris

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An Interview with Mistress Eris

We sat down to interview the very sadistic and well traveled Mistress Eris.

Mistress Eris is a true sadist, she truly gets off on hurting other people, but feels by inflicting pain upon others she is able to connect with them in an intimate way. This Mistress is something special, she is the real deal, nothing fake, no fancy trappings or wardrobe, just a real natural sadist who loves to push the limits.

We were quite taken back by some of the stories she told us during this 20 minute interview, from her golden shower stories, to her stories of beating up a guy at a retail store….. this Mistress lives life on her terms!

In addition, Mistress Eris treats us to views of her bare naked body, where she actually squeezes milk from her tits, and uses her ass to clap…. yes you can hear the clapping sound coming form her ass!

Mistress Eris talks about her special love of Ballbusting, her admission that she would love to castrate a man and destroy his balls…. and how such an act would be very intimate.

Mistress Eris also gives us her measurements and her contact information.

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Duration: 20 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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