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An Interview with Leah Lush

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An Interview with Leah Lush

Leah Lush sits down to give us the low down on things Leah!

Leah describes herself as a borderline nymphomaniac who is very sexual and loves to experiment. Fetish, sex, sub, dom… she’s loves to try it all and from every angle!

She has several stories about kicking her boyfriends in the balls… in fact Leah is one of those girls who loves to sneak up on her unsuspecting boyfriends and kick their balls when they least expect it! She says it actually makes her horny to bust a guys balls and watch him squirm around on the floor in pain. Ah Leah!

We gave Leah a line up of tool and asked her how she would use them to destroy or castrate a man…. she does describes her methods in a playful way 🙂

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Duration: 21 min

Narrated by: Bryan Balldacious


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